Popular London Theme Tours

Posted on Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Popular London Theme Tours

London is full of a lot of sights and many opportunities to get to know this city. Many tourists take part in a themed tour in order to learn more about something that interests them. These are some of the most popular theme tours in London.


Harry Potter Walking Tour for Muggles

Even muggles can get in on some Harry Potter fun with this 2.5 hour walking tour. Participants can see landmarks that include the Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley as well as Platform 9 ¾. While walking from one destination to the next there will be some Harry Potter trivia as well as insider knowledge about each landmark.This is a great way to experience some of the magic in some of the Harry Potter Books that has never been felt before.


Jack the Ripper & Sherlock Holmes Tour

Some of the darkest tales in London has to do with Jack The Ripper. This tour allows participants take part in some of the area’s disturbing past and learn about the gruesome murders that took place here. The tour starts by boarding a double decker bus and visiting some of the places where beheadings and public hangings took place. At the end of the tour participants will also get to visit the Sherlock Holmes Pub and see some of his memorabilia and enjoy a good British meal.


London Rock Music Tour

A lot of great music artists have come out of London including the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Participants of the London Rock Music Tour can choose either a morning, afternoon or even a full day tour. They can see some of the top music landmarks in the area including Abbey Road and Tin Pan Alley. Only a maximum of 16 participants are allowed on this tour which allows for plenty of opportunity for everyone to be able to ask questions and get a personalized experience.


London Dungeon Tour

The London Dungeon is one of the most thrilling attractions in this city. This experience will certainly hit all of the senses as it’s very interactive and features some rather gruesome scenes reenacted to depict some of the most notorious killers in London. There’s even the opportunity to take part in a terrifying experience in a gallow. Other experiences include a depictions of the Great Fire in 1666 and the Great Plague. At the end of the tour, participants can try to catch their breath by having a drink at the Victorian Pub.

Great Britain Spas For Couples

Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Great Britain Spas For CouplesGreat Britain isn’t just for travelers that are looking to see popular sights or who are wanting to partake in an adventure. It’s actually a great place to go for couples that want to take a little break and just enjoy some time together. The following spas can be enjoyed by couples that are looking for a bit of a relaxing time during their next vacation.


Corinthia Hotel London In Charing Cross, London

This hotel has one of the most luxurious spas in the world. Guests can enjoy a steam shower that has some interesting black mosaic tiles. There are two treatment pods for couples to enjoy. Guests can revitalize their bodies with a mud ritual and an ESPA treatment. Afterwards they can unwind in a relaxation bed or have a light lunch with champagne.


The Gainsborough Bath Spa In Bath, Somerset

This is Britain’s only hotel that has access to thermal waters. Guests can enjoy one of three thermal pools onsite. There’s also swedish massages, a steam room and a sauna. After enjoy all the spa has to offer, couples can have dinner that features Asian inspired cuisine and locally sourced ingredients.


Lime Wood In New Forest, Hampshire, England

There are a whole host of activities to participate in at this airy spa. Couples can enjoy steam pools, a rooftop garden, mudhouse, hydrotherapy, facials and massages. The spa is encased in glass so couples can enjoy the outdoor scenery while they are getting their treatment. In the changing rooms there are copper baths to enjoy and relaxation suites that have a steam room.


Isle Of Eriska Hotel In Argyll & Bute

Located on a private island that can be accessed by bridge, this spa is stunning for couples as it’s located in a mansion. The property is set on old stables and has private gardens to enjoy as well. Guests can take part in either ESPA or ishga treatments. Each of the guestrooms has a hot tub and there’s fireplaces and sofas located throughout the hotel. The onsite Michelin starred restaurant features 8 course menus that include both vegetarian and nonvegetarian options.


Dormy House In Broadway, Cotswolds

This retreat is for those looking for a stylish, yet relaxing place to spend some time with their significant other. The state of the art spa has won many awards so you can trust that you will receive great service while you are here. There is a private suite where couples can enjoy a mud math. There’s also a sauna, infinity pool and a steam room. The Rose Cottage is also available for couples and features it’s very own hot tub. There is a restaurant at the Dormy House that offers quite a few unique items, including onion ice cream.

Britain For Singles

Posted on Thursday, May 04, 2017

Britain For SinglesBritain is a common destination for both couples and families. Solo travel is on the rise as it’s a fairly friendly place for solo travelers. If you are thinking about going to Britain by yourself, here’s what you need to know.


Something that you really need to consider is how you’ll get around. Britain is considered to be safe so you should have no safety concerns when taking public transportation. The rail and bus networks are easy to take. For those that would rather take a cab, make sure you stick to licensed black cabs in order to avoid robbery.


Unfortunately, many hotel rates in Britain are based on double occupancy. For single travelers, this can be expensive. If you are looking to save money in this area, there are bed and breakfast and hostels available. As the amount of singles traveling to Britain rises, hopefully so will the amount of accommodation types.

Food and Drink

A big area of concern when traveling alone is where to eat and drink. It’s important to go someplace with a decent social scene so you can meet others and not be bored. Britain is a great place for singles to travel to with so many different pubs available. They pretty much are all friendly to travelers. If you can, sit at the bar so that you can get to know your bartender and get recommendations on what places to go and what places to avoid. They are generally a wealth of information. If you do plan on drinking, just be sure that you limit yourself so that you can safely get back to your hotel.

Safety Precautions

Let your friends and family know where you are traveling too and where you are staying at. If you can, also let them know where you are going each day just in case something happens. You can easily email a sample itinerary to a trusted friend or family member each day before you set out on your adventure. Also, know where the nearest U.S. Embassy is and who to contact or where to go if there is an emergency.

Seeing The Sights

There are a lot of safe places to go for single travelers including Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. However, consider going on a tour at least for part of your trip. It will allow you to meet some people and give you some company instead of having to travel alone the entire time.

A Touch of Britain

Posted on Thursday, February 09, 2017

There are tons of tours and tour operators offering Britain. A touch of the highlights would be:

See a world class show in London, the heart of England. Visit Windsor Castle, the British Museum and Fortnum & Mason. Discover whiskies, tartans and castles in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city Brave ancient fortified walls in England's Lake District and coastal Wales Visit Wordsworth's cottage, Shakespeare's home and Blenheim Palace Explore Oxford, the Roman baths of Bath and Stonehenge View one of the world's finest topiary gardens and visit the Queen's weekend home Explore countryside’s, discover castles, manor houses and medieval towns. Enjoy the Ring of Kerry to the Lakes of Killarney and learn how Guinness is made in Ireland. Discover the scenic wonders in the Burren, at the Cliffs of Moher and the lush Wicklow Hills. Explore Glendalough, visit Blarney Castle and earn the "gift of gab".

Scotland is action-packed with history. Visit the fabled Loch Lomond, Stirling, Edinburgh, Cawdor and Blair castles. Walk the peaceful glens and listen to the bagpipers.  Feast your eyes on the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo if you visit from the end of July through the end of August. Each year the major tour operators add at least one Britain Tour to their list. Globus is introducing "From Ireland's Ancient East to the Wild Atlantic Way, a nine day tour.

Cosmos is offering From Dublin to London, also a nine day escorted tour. Trafalgar is concentrating on their Special interest tours, England's Castles, Manors and Gardens, a nine day tour and Highland Trail Inspired by Outlander for 13 days Collette wins the prize for 2017 with three new tours of Britain; Irish Adventure, just seven days, Best of Britain and Ireland for twenty-four days and From Castles to Causeways for twenty days. Brendan Vacations specializes in Ireland and Scotland with escorted vacations, private chauffeur vacations, locally hosted rail vacations and self-drive vacations.

Insight offers eleven Britain and Ireland vacations including their famous Country Roads tours, their Discovery Tours, Regional Experiences and easy Pace Tours. Tauck has not added any new tours to Britain, but their England, Scotland and Wales, fourteen day tour covers most of Britain, with their Ireland and Great Britain giving you the choice of visiting both countries in fourteen days or just exploring Ireland for 8 days, The Best of Ireland for fourteen days or Ireland Forever for eight days. They also offer a tour to Scotland for eight days.

Traveling To The Britain, What Now

Posted on Monday, June 27, 2016

Traveling To The Britain, What Now?

With Britain voting to leave the European Union, many travelers are worried about travel. They are concerned about what this will mean for them and whether it will have a negative impact. For the most part, travelers will be pleasantly surprised at how it will affect them.


One of the few negatives to traveling to Britain right now is the currency. The pound is at a low and some banks are suspending foreign currency exchanges temporarily. Travelers can combat this by exchanging their currency before they get to Britain. That way, they won’t have to worry about finding a bank that will exchange their money.


Prices for hotel are about 30% lower than they were even two years ago. This means that you may be able to afford to stay an extra day or two or even splurge for a room upgrade. If you pre-booked your hotel before prices dropped, you can always check to see if the hotel will give you a lower rate. If they won’t, check the cancellation policy. If you are still within a certain window, you may be able to cancel your hotel room without penalty and book a room somewhere else at a much lower rate.


Not only will you experience lower hotel rates if you travel to Britain right now, but you will probably be able to get into attractions at a lower price. Admission prices to many attractions is around 10% cheaper than it was even a few weeks ago. Because of these lower prices to certain attractions that were pricey before, they are now more affordable to cash strapped travelers right now.


Many airlines dropped their airfares a few weeks before Britain voted to leave the European Union. There is a chance that prices may drop a little bit more in the next several weeks. Even if they don’t go any lower it’s not expected that they will rise, at least not very dramatically in the near future.

Traveling From Country To Country

Currently it’s fairly easy to travel from border to border within the European Union in most instances. However, even traveling from London to Paris may become more difficult. You will likely have to go through customs and immigration at each border. This means that you should allot enough time to get from one destination to another and have all necessary documents with you.

If you are thinking about visiting Britain, now is the time to go. If you can’t make a trip right now, at least make your travel arrangements and exchange your currency. You aren’t likely to find cheaper exchange rates or hotel or airfares than you are right now.

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